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Blue Giraffe Games is about a deep passion for creating games. It’s built around people that have been in the industry for 10+ years, yet with room for youngsters just entering. It’s about television addicts, comic lovers, creative artists, who need to express themselves by sculpting, coding, drawing and writing. The Giraffes have a strong emotional bond with building games. There is a sense of absolute pride about building games in this place. With utmost respect to players. Why? We get excited reading reviews on AppStore, Facebook and Steam! And instantly share this in our group chat. We pride on cut-the-bullshit and just build it when it comes to new stuff. We don’t mind discussing what is good and talking about what needs to be improved. We do this without the bureaucracy of management. In an independent team. Each member of the studio is part of the greater story of Blue Giraffe Games and as such is just as important as one another.

Our team

The people behind our company

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Sebastiaan van Waardenberg
Game design
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Ruud Havenith
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Raymon Manders
Thumb avatar 1468497682
Roel Verbroekken
Thumb avatar 1468497681
Luc Bloom
Thumb avatar 1468497679
Bart van den Berg
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Daan Boon
Thumb avatar 1468829614
Ankitha Kini
Thumb avatar 1468829893
Hugo Smits
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Tj'ién Twijnstra
Game Designer
Thumb avatar 1482496917
Jenny Klement
Level Designer

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